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Belarusian steel mill BMZ eager to make more metal cord, wire in August
The Belarusian steel mill BMZ is busy increasing the workload of the divisions that make fabricated metal products. The company intends to make and ship to customers about 30,000 tonnes of metal cord and various kinds of wire in August, BelTA has learned. The projected output is nearly one third above the figure registered in May 2020 when the global steel market demonstrated a massive decrease in demand due to the coronavirus crisis. BMZ's wire manufacturing divisions, in particular, the production of metal cord and bronzed bead wire, were hit hard by consequences of the coronavirus pandemic's impact on the global economy. The demand for these products plummeted after major European tire manufacturers suspended their operations. However, the workload of the hardware manufacturing divisions is steadily increasing now. BMZ's metal cord output increased by 117% in June-July. In August it is expected to demonstrate 150% growth in comparison with May. In August BMZ also received additional orders for nearly 1,000 tonnes of metal cord and bronzed bead wire from tire manufacturers located in Serbia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Hungary, and Czechia. The BMZ team is now working hard to fulfill these orders. In January-July 2020 BMZ exported nearly 1.2 million tonnes of metal products to 50 countries across the globe. The top consumers were Russia, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, and Poland. The public joint-stock company (OAO) BMZ, the Management Company of the holding company Belarusian Metallurgical Company (BMC), is a high-tech Belarusian metallurgical enterprise. It comprises infrastructure shops and four manufacturing divisions connected by one technological chain. The divisions focus on steel smelting, mill products, pipe products, hardware items. BMZ exports more than 80% of its output every year.

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