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Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment is one of the leading companies in the instrument-making industry of the Republic of Belarus

Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment

Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment is one of the leading companies in the instrument-making industry of the Republic of Belarus, which specializes in analytical instruments designed for monitoring and control processes and environmental monitoring, as well as the electrode systems for the potentiometric measurements. Having our own production based on modern technologies, and testing equipment enables to produce high quality product and provide a high level of warranty and after warranty service. Serial production of measuring devices at the plant began in 1958. Since then, we constantly monitor the trends in modern instrumentation, using advanced design and technology to increase functionality and expand the product portfolio. Much attention is paid to the enterprise quality management. Also "Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment" provides the following services: Tenderloin, engraved details (not thicker than 2 mm) on a laser complex; Assembly and adjustment of instruments; Production of single-, double-sided printed circuit boards and combined negative chemical methods (dimensions up to 250h200 mm); Assembly of printed circuit boards; Testing in climatic chambers of the effect of humidity, temperature; Measurement of noise, light, checking for electrical safety; Design and manufacture of nonstandard equipment, dies, molds or drawings on the instructions of the customer; Carrying out works on the snap of the customer: - Stamping work (press the mechanical efforts of 10-ton, 25-ton, 40-ton, 63-ton, 100-ton); - Casting and processing of plastics (thermosets, thermoplastics) and rubber (63-ton hydraulic press, 100-ton); - Pressure die casting of aluminum alloys (for injection molding machines, mod. 71A108, 71A109). Spark Machining CNC (size workpieces to 200h300h50 mm); Manufacture of cartons of boxed and corrugated board, including at the roller press; Spot welding carbon steels, welding aluminum parts and parts from stainless steel alloys; Galvanic platings (zinc, nickel, chromium, oxidation, copper plating, electropolishing), at both the suspensions, and in drums; Coloring polymeric dyes (dimensions up to 600x800 mm); Woodworking. Manufacturing of doors, door systems, skirting, etc. We invite you to become our customers and partners. We always look at business proposals and wishes. Always ready for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are located at: 246001, Republic of Belarus, Gomel,. International, 49 e-mail:

Director Uvarov Aleksandr Gennadevich +375 232 75-64-11

Chief of sales and marketing Vorobyova Maria Vyacheslalovna +375 232 75-56-06, +375 232 75-48-46

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