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GOMEL FOUNDRY "Centrolite" is the largest enterprise in Belarus, specializing in the production of cast products from gray and ductile iron
The plant is certified in the quality management system of the international standard STB ISO 9001-2015; received a certificate of compliance of the labor protection management system in relation to the production of castings and iron products with the requirements of STB 18001-2009, a certificate of compliance of the environmental management system in relation to the production of cast iron with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2017 For 50 years, the plant has been a well-known supplier of cast products only in Belarus, but also abroad. Over the years of work, "TSENTROLIT" has mastered complex casting for machine tool building, mechanical engineering, oil and gas and metallurgical industries, construction of mines and subways. This nomenclature represents about 5 thousand items of products. The plant has mastered the production of artistic casting, which is widely used for urban design. The company has developed a long-term investment plan for technical re-equipment, which is currently under implementation. The strategic goal of this plan by 2025 is to reconstruct and modernize the main production, turning the plant into an exemplary competitive foundry of the European level. The company's products are castings according to the customer's drawings weighing from 1 to 19,000 kg from gray (SCh15-SCh30 GOST 1412-85) and weighing from 1 to 10,000 kg from high-strength (VCh50, VCh60 GOST 7293-85) cast iron. Complex types of casting for machine-tool and mechanical engineering, automotive industry, oil and gas industry, metro construction, cast-iron metallurgical utensils, road fittings, consumer goods, products for urban design have been mastered. Reception Phones: +375 (232) 22-36-34, 22-30-61 Fax: +375 (232) 22-30-02 Shop Phones: +375 (232) 22-34-86 Opening hours: 8:00-16:30; lunch: 13:00-14:00

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