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Legal information

Welcome to Belarus Export Directory web site. It's a property of "Business-Inform" Complementary Liability Company located in Minsk, Belarus. If your enterprise makes or exports goods/services in the Republic of Belarus or searches for partners to realize joint projects, both in Belarus and behind its borders it means, that our B2B portal is created for you!

Using the information, services and production presented on, you agree to comply with further conditions.

1.     USERS

Web site is intended for private persons and the companies which are capable to conclude contracts according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. While using our business-portal all your actions should strictly correspond to the legislation.


If you are registered on, you undertake:

  • to give truthful, exact, well-timed and full information about you and your company;
  • to support and to update registration information duly;


During registration you will create your ID and your password. You personally bear the responsibility for preservation of yours ID and password confidentiality. And you are completely responsible for all actions accomplished under your ID and password.


4.     COST of  SERVICES

Access and registration on are free of charge. If you are registered on our portal, the information is automatically added as a free line according to your specialization in one of our print Business-catalogues. If you have a paid placement in one of our catalogues you can receive equivalent services on our web site. Your opportunities on our web sitel depend on the category chosen and paid by you (Premium, Standard, Start, Free).


Only registered users can place their information on this web site. Each participant bears the responsibility for completeness, reliability and timeliness of the information independently, according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Using, placement or distribution of the following information is forbidden:

  • humiliating comments, or data discrediting someone’s business reputation;
  • insults or threats;
  • encroachments on registered trade marks, copyrights or inventions

In spite of the fact that "Business-Inform" CLC makes huge efforts for checking information, we do not guarantee and we do not bear the responsibility for reliability and quality of given information. "Business-Inform" compiles information about enterprises and makes the database. "Business-Inform" reserves the right to stop your service if you carry out the activity, breaking the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.



Due to web sitel you can communicate with other portals. "Business-Inform" CLC has relations with such sites only on the basis of cooperation. As we cannot supervise the information presented on these sites, "Business-Inform" does not confirm and it is not responsible for reliability of advertising, services, production or other information. "Business-Inform" bears neither direct nor indirect responsibility for the losses suffered by using of advertising, services, production, etc. from given sites


"Business-Inform" does not bear the responsibility for interruption of portal work connected with electronic devices malfunction or software defects. The information accessible to you on a portal can contain mistakes and that is why our work can be sometimes interrupted. While putting in order  all the information "Business-Inform" cannot bear the responsibility for mistakes, defects, missed benefit or other damages which have arisen because of using our site.

"Business-Inform" owns copyrights to all presented information. Any not authorized use of the information received on a site is forbidden.

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