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Gomselmash launches harvester supplies to Armenia
The Belarusian agricultural machinery manufacturer Gomselmash has made the first supplies of grain harvesters GS12A1 to Armenia, BelTA learned from the company. Grain harvester GS12A1 is a modification of harvester GS12. High productivity is secured by a 330hp engine. Two such harvesters have already been successfully working in Armenia. According to the company, harvesters were made taking into account the wishes of Armenian agrarians. Armenia Deputy Minister of Agriculture Vilen Avetisyan and Chief of the State Agricultural Equipment Institution of the Ministry of Agriculture Anania Soghomonyan visited grain fields in Martakert Province, where Gomselmash combine harvesters are in action. “Anania Soghomonyan said that the combine harvester meets the best analogues of world producers in its class. In Armenia, many agrarians consider it more appropriate to use Belarusian agricultural equipment,” the company said. Gomselmash has been actively supporting and developing its export-oriented policy. Another batch of machine sets of GS12A1 (ESSIL KZS-760) grain harvester was recently sent to the assembly plant in Kazakhstan. According to the company, today more than 30% of grain harvesters in Kazakhstan are equipment of the Kazakhstan-Belarus production: GS5A (ESSIL КЗС-730), GS10 (ESSIL КЗС-740), GS12 (ESSIL КЗС-750) and GS12A1 (ESSIL КЗС-760). In H1 2020 more than 300 vehicles were shipped. Gomselmash and AgromashHolding KZ assemble grain harvesters ESSIL in Kazakhstan since 2007. AgromashHolding KZ produces a lineup of grain harvesters and offers maintenance services across the country. The Belarusian holding company Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machines. It is one of the leaders on the world market of harvesters and other sophisticated agricultural machines. The company uses the Palesse trademark to market lineups of grain and forage harvesters, ear corn harvesters, potato harvesters, mowers, and other agricultural machines. Harvesters are used in fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea, Baltic states, and other countries. Gomselmash operates an extensive distribution chain, joint ventures, and assembly enterprises.

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