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We strive to follow market trends and stay ahead of similar offerings by anticipating demand.Open Joint Stock Company Zelenoborskoye
One of the latest developments that is of great importance for Zelenoborskoye OJSC is the design, manufacture and production of an export-oriented new product made of paper pulp of the “Magic” type. In 2017, the production of 10 local packaging for the domestic market of a new design with a four-color label was mastered, the first consumer is JSC "1st Minsk Poultry Farm". Currently, more than 20 types of various products are produced, and more than 4.5 thousand waste paper is processed annually. The geography of deliveries of molded products has expanded. In 2008, a workshop for the production of microfertilizers based on humic substances was launched: EleGum-Bor, EleGum-Zinc, EleGum-Manganese, EleGum-Copper, EleGum-Complex, "EleGum-Complex-List" in a package with a dispenser. Liquid humic fertilizers with microelements (zinc, boron, manganese, copper) are intended for foliar feeding of crops and plants. When cultivating crops using intensive technologies using a high level of macrofertilizers, the role of microelements increases, especially in creating an optimal balance of nutrients. The value of preparations of biological origin lies in the fact that they are freely included in natural chains of transformations, easily decomposed into simple chemical compounds. As a diversified company, we are working to expand our product range. Developing in several directions, we strive to follow market trends and stay ahead of similar offers, anticipating demand. Belarus, Minsk region, Zeleny Bor village, st. Zavodskaya, 1. 222218

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