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"Smorgon Bread Products Plant"

Unitary production enterprise "Smorgon plant of bread production" with production power 300 tons per day, per night was put into operation on December 30th 1974. Creator of project is department of JSC "Promzernoproject" in Rostov on Don.
Enterprise is situated on west part of Smorgon, Grodno region, not far from Minsk-Vilnius track. Plant is located on 16.8 hectares of ground. There are next departments that situated on territory of the enterprise:
- department of compound feed production (productivity is 600 tons per day, per night);
- department of crops production (the power of processing is 108 tons of oats per day, per night);
- department of the processing of rape (colza);
- elevator for storage of grain (36 thousand tons);
- boiler room;
- warehouses for storage and finished products;
- transport and rauilway dapartments;
- production laboratory;
- electro- and mechanic- workshops;
- firefighter post;
- administrative department;
- canteen.
There are sewerage, plumbing, electrical and heating systems on the territory of plant. Also there are railway and other transport ways. Every year enterprise consumes 3,000 kWh of electricity, 1500 Gcal of thermal energy and 130 liters of water per day.
Department for bread receiving is the part of plant and it was made for proccessing and storage of 20 thousand tons of grain.
Department of compound feed production is located in a building block and consisting of two warehouses for raw materials. Its capacity is 9 thousands tons. Department of production has its own warehouse for finished products and its capacity is 3850 tons, warehouse for storage of feed products, warehouse for salt and warehouse for grass flour.
Collective of company is always taking part in production, providing reliable work of equipment. In 1983 was created the line for pre-dosing and mixing of grains and raw materials grain. It was made for modernising quality of compound feed and for growth of the utilization rate of the crushing capacity. In 1988-1989 the department of compound feed production was reconstructed. Also new high-production equipment was introduced along with the improvement of existing technologies and equipment. Aspiration networks were reconstructed for improvement the conditions of of work.
In 1992 remotes of multicomponent dosing was replaiced with using microprocessor techniques. Production line of cereals for poultry was established. The technological part is designed in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, including the rules and regulations of explosion.
There are 351employees that work for company, including industrial personnel which number is 262 people. The company is fully staffed with qualified personnel managers, experts, employees and workers.
Placer and granulated fodder for all kinds of farm animals, fish and birds are produced in "Smorgon plant of bread production".
The day of occupational safety and health are held every second wednesday of month. There are some measures for the elimination of the identified problems as a result of the day of occupational safety and health.
The equipment is being repaired every year according to the schedule approved by the Grodno production association of bread products.
The production elevator with (which total capacity is 36 thousand tons) was commissioned in 1990. Tonnes. The project was designed by Minsk branch of he Central Research Institute "Promzernoproekt".
The elevator includes a working building, building for silo, unloading grain device supplied by rail, device for discharge of grain from the transport, the dryer for grain DSP-50.
The department of crops production was put into operation. The capacity of it is 108 tons per day. This department is producing oat flour, oat croups and rolled oat flakes. The department of crops production includes production building, a warehouse of finished products, a container yard and devices on vehicles.
There is low-waste technology that used byproducts and waste products of primary production to produce feed mixtures.
The wholemeal flour production line of whole grain bran without screening was mounted also (capacity of this line is 215 tons per shift).
Computer automatic control, automatic block system, alarm of electric motors and equipment are used in production for ensuring an organized and reliable operation of process equipment, reducing the time setting of routes and idling vehicles, monitoring the product level in the tanks.
Besides, the quality of grain in the state of the elevator is always under control. The one of the plans for the future is introduction of computer management in the department of compound feed production.
And the main is that all technological processes in the departments are mechanized and automated and carried out with the remote DAM.
In the beginning of 90ies in period of computerization all accounting of the plant was computerised too.
Besides, the technical range is constantly expanding by vital means: fax, photocopying equipment, telephones, etc.
In the begginnig of the spring in 1994 the canteen for 50 seats was put into operation.
The sewing workshop that is making workwear for its employees was created in the end of 1993. Also there are woodworking shop for the manufacture of windows, doors and other products from wood.
Two pig-breeding complexes for 20 thousand heads became the parts of "Smorgon plant of bread production" in the end of 90ies.
The proprietary trading has a wide spread on the enterprise. Nowadays there are four shops, two retail outlets and the catering network.
In 2007 the enterprise was re-named from Private production unitary enterprise "Smorgon plant of compound feed production" to Private production unitary enterprise "Smorgon plant of bread production", and then in 2014 it became Unitary production enterprise "Smorgon plant of bread production". In 2005 company started to produce instant flakes from all types of grains (wheat, oats, peas, buckwheat). From 2007 the enterprise has got certificate STB ISO 9001-2001. Department of crops production was reconstructed, the enterprise purchased a production line of all kinds of cereals, and also the car park was upgraded. The company entered its own marketing system, approved new brand "the Empire of cereals" and also new trademark "The Crown". In the begining of 2011 the department of the processing of oilseed rape was put into operation. Manufactured products are rapeseed oil and rapeseed meal oilcake.


Director Kuzmianok Maksim Petrovich
Reception: +375 1592 3-98-01, fax: 3-98-00

Trade department +375 1592 3-98-18

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