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OJSC “Brestsky likero-vodochny zavod “Belalko”

OJSC “Brestsky likero-vodochny zavod “Belalko” (Brest Distillery) – is one of the largest producers and suppliers of liqueurs and spirits in Europe. Today “Belalko” is included into the three leaders in the Republic of Belarus regarding production and sale of products, and also takes the second place in the Republic concerning the export of its products. Brest Distillery "Belalko" is engaged in the production of vodka, infusions (nastoika), liqueurs, cognac filling. “Belalko” is proud of the fact that it has its own source of raw materials. Alcohols are made at two branches, Ivatsevichsky spirtzavod (Ivatsevichi Distillery) and Brodnitsky spirtzavod (Brodnitsa Distillery), alcohols produced by which justly are one of the best in the Republic. The products of Distillery “Belalko” are exported into many countries of the world. The most significant of which: 
-Baltic countries, 
- Kazakhstan, 
-New Zealand, 
-Norway etc. 
The enterprise includes two branches – Ivatsevichsky spirtzavod (Ivatsevichi Distillery) and Brodnitsky spirtzavod (Brodnitsa Distillery). Both of them are considered high technology enterprises. Alcohol “Luks”, produced in Brodnitsa, throughout last five years it is included in the five best alcohols of the country – and the evidence of that is gold medals and awards of Moscow International Tasting Competition “Best spirits”. The alcohol of Ivatsevichsky spirtzavod (Ivatsevichi Distillery) in 2015 won the Gran Prix at the International Alcohol Competition in Moscow. At “Belalko” enterprise a huge significance is attached to the quality of products – the most modern equipment for the production of liqueurs and spirits is purchased, advanced technologies are developed and implemented. 
At the plant the quality management system is implemented which is certified in the National Certification System. In 2011 at the enterprise the management system of foodstuff safety STB ISO 22000 is certified. 
One of the main benefits of the enterprise is a wide use of unique production technologies, based on the latest researches in issues of vodka, liqueurs and spirits production, and also with the use of exclusively natural components and deep-well (artesian) water from its own well. The manufacture is carried out in the strictest compliance with the Belarusian standards. The use of exclusively natural ingredients gives to the products of the enterprise a harmonious aroma and a classical soft taste. 
Today Brest Distillery "Belalko" is the dynamic and perspective enterprise known for not only the quality of the products, but also for numerous initiatives of the development of fundamentally new level of culture of alcoholic beverages consumption.


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