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“Amkodor-Logoisk” PC

The private company «PLANT EPOS», located 35 km from Minsk - the capital city of Belarus, was founded in 1986 as the high-precision special processing equipment production for manufacturing and testing of the large-scale integrated chips. Later, «EPOS» was focused on metal processing service and production of various machine parts and units for customers both in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

In recent years, the main partner of the plant was «Amkodor», which in fact developed the stock of orders of the company. Today, more than 80% of the production the plant produces for the JSC «Amkodor». These are: power handling units, safety units, brake gears and valves, various types of brackets, steering columns.

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 274 "On some measures for the «Amkodor» development on June 27, 2011, the «Amkodor» JSC bought «PLANT EPOS» as a property complex. Entry of «EPOS» into the «Amkodor» system is a logical development of the mutually profitable partnership process.


The private enterprise «Amkodor-Logoisk» is a legal entity unit, has separate property, independent balance, bank accounts.

The total area of the plant is 3.6854 hectares, the area of industrial premises is 256532 square meters.

The number of employees at the private enterprise «Amkodor-Logoisk» on 01.10.2011 is of 140 people, including 42 engineers and technicians, 82 workers.

Before the signing of the decree month production volume of commercial output of «EPOS» was 421 million rubles, the average wage of operating personnel was 1431 rubles, month sales volume - 526 million rubles, net losses since the beginning of the year - 47 million rubles. As early as September this year, we can see the growth dynamics in these figures: the production volume of the commercial output grew up to 612 million rubles, the average wage – up to 1612 rubles, month sales volume - up to 744 million rubles. There was a net profit, which amounted to 167 million rubles.


Currently more than 150 units of various processing equipment involved in the production, including:

1.Machining centers "Micron" (Switzerland);

2.Machining centers "Maho" (Germany);

3.Longitudinal grinding machines "Valdrih-Coburg" (Germany);

4.CNC turret machine with counter spindle and power bar feed TL-25NE (HAAS, USA);

5.CNC universal milling machine, model DMU 80 P duo DLOK (by «Dekel Makho Pfronten GmbH», Germany);

Deterioration of the main active funds, which are on the balance of «Amkodor-Logoisk» is 59%.

Today company is producing the following:

I. For «Amkodor» JSC.

Hydraulics components:

   -  UGA2. brake valve;

   -  UGA2.05.02.000 brake valve;

   -  UGA2.01.01.000 unloading block;

   -  UGA2.05.04.000 brake valve;

   -  У 2237-4581020 hydrolock;

   -  У 35.615.35.510 brake gear;

   -  UGA 1-08.01.000 filter;

   -  2661.10.21.000 lock valve;

   -  UGA 9.3401.500 (01,02,04,05) steering column.

II. Unitary Enterprize «АТОМТЕХ».

Radiation monitoring devices parts and units:

Parts and units for the AT 1320, AT 1315, AT 1316 detection assembly, AT 1125 safety unit.

III. «Soligorsk Institute for resource-saving problem with pilot production»

Large-scale parts for the mining machinery:

Machining of large-scale parts;

Frame PKAB;

Hydraulic plate PKAB

«Arkada-Engineering» LLC (Russia) - manufacture equipment for metal tile production.


Slideways for mill steel production:

slideway ch.V3.000.000.

VII. «Promprivod» LLC.

Parts for energy-saving technologies:

Rotary-nozzle channels SHGUE130003. PSK.

VIII. Large parts (length up to 3,0m) grinding services:

IX. Engineering parts production to orders of companies in the Republic of Belarus.

The growth production rate of the PE «Amkodor-Logoisk» in comparable prices in 2011 towards 2010 was 139%, in turn, sales volume in 2011 in comparison with 2010 increased by 66.8%.

Except delivery co-operation expansion at «Amkodor» production , the enterprise «Amkodor -Logoisk» will specialize in the forest industry machinery production. The preparation for machine sets assembly and for subsequently deeper production localization has begun.


«Amkodor-Logoisk»: Turok Alexander
Tel./fax: +375 1774 54 4 89
Chief engineer: Kozlov Igor
Tel. +375 1774 5 44 79
Chief Accountant: Dikovickaja Tamara
Tel. +375 5 46 47


Minskaja St.,2, Logoisk, Minsk District, 223110,Belarus


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