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31.07.2009Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant increases export of services in January-June
In January-June 2009, the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant increased the export of services 12 times as against the same period last year, it was learnt from director of the plant Vladimir Troitsky.

30.07.2009Dynamo Program Orsha Company to invest Br60mn in production renovation
The Belarusian-Italian joint company Dynamo Program Orsha intends to invest Br60 million in production renovation, it was learnt from Galina Ivanova, deputy director general of the company.

29.07.2009Lidselmash prepares first consignment of seeders for Mongolia
Lidselmash prepares the first consignment of seeders for Mongolia, it was learnt from commercial director of the company Oleg Plavsky. The company took part in the Lida-region 2009 exhibition.

28.07.2009EFQM presents Belarusian Steel Works with 5 Stars Recognition for Business Excellence
The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) has awarded the Belarusian Steel Works the top score of five stars in its “Recognised for Excellence” award, it was learnt from Elena Peretyagina, director for quality of the company.

27.07.2009Belarusian Polymir uninvolved in chemical leak in Riga port
The Belarusian company Polymir is not involved in the chemical leakage in the Riga port, Polymir representatives told.

25.07.2009Kommunarka seeks to launch exports to Poland, China and Morocco
Kommunarka confection factory seeks to start supplies to Poland, China and Morocco to diversify its export, Marketing Deputy Director General Dmitry Shulga told.

24.07.2009Minsk Kristall to bottle Scotch whisky
Minsk Kristall Distillery intends to bottle Scotch whisky, it was learnt from Belgospischeprom Concern.

22.07.2009Belagroprombank to offer untied lending
Belagroprombank will consider the possibility of coming out into the open financial market with untied lending, Belagroprombank Deputy Chairman of the Board Sergei Kobrinsky told media on 21 July.

21.07.2009Belarusbank dominates major segments of financial market in H1 2009
In H1 2009 the Belarusian bank Belarusbank remained dominant in main segments of the Belarusian financial market, the bank’s press service told.

20.07.2009Belarusian Railways reduces tariffs for Kaliningrad trains
The Belarusian Railways reduced tariffs for passenger and partly cargo transportation to Kaliningrad, it was learnt from the press service of the Belarusian Railways.

18.07.2009Bobruiskagromash supplies 1,000 farm machines to Venezuela
Bobruiskagromash has dispatched the farm machinery to Venezuela under the contract with Venezuelan Mechanization and Transport Company "Pedro Camejo”, it was learned from Vasily Tsarik, the deputy head of the Bobruiskagromash marketing department

17.07.2009Lidagroprommash increases export 1.5 times in H1 2009
In January-June 2009, Lidagroprommash increased export 1.5 times as against the same period last year, it was learnt from director of the company Viktor Krugly.

16.07.2009Rogachev powdered milk plant to supply 100 tonnes of milk powder to Tajikistan
The Rogachev powdered milk plant is set to supply over 100 tonnes of whole milk powder to Tajikistan in July-August 2009, it was learnt from Deputy Director General of the company Nikolai Kohonov.

15.07.2009Belarus, India negotiate prices for potash fertilizers
Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) continues negotiations with India on potash fertilizers price, BPC spokesman Filipp Gritskov told.

14.07.2009BelAZ to invest 25m Yuan in dump trucks production in China
The Belarusian Autoworks will invest 25 million Yuan (about $3.6 million) in the authorized capital of a Belarusian-Chinese joint venture to manufacture dump trucks in China. The relevant resolution was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 9 July 2009, it was learnt from the Office of the Council of Ministers.

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