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Paving rubber tiles
Paving of crumb rubber has established itself as a very durable coating. The service life in accordance with the tests is about 20 years. We all know that the commonly used concrete or sand paving slabs become unusable after several years, and this, of course, is annoying, because this often happens in public places. That is, slabs that become unusable spoil not only the appearance of the floor, but also the general appearance of the structure, and dismantling is quite problematic, as neighboring slabs break down.In developed countries, it has long been concluded that in pedestrian areas it is most effective to use a rubber slab as a paving slab, because the service life of a rubber tile is several times longer than the service life of other coatings, including asphalt and concrete. If you are going to equip the pavement, pedestrian zone, adjoining territory with paving slabs, we assure you that you cannot find the best coverageEasy assembly and disassembly, cushioning properties, safety, anti-slip surface, durability, maintainability, ease of cleaning ... Is this not enough? And this is not all, the porous surface of the coating allows water to pass through itself, that is, after rain puddles will not form on the surface of the coating, and in winter the surface of the coating is easily cleaned of the formed ice. In general, this surface has all the qualities necessary for paving.

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