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Ecological and historical tourist route
FME "Miloshevichsky Forestry" is located in the southern part of Belarus, in the most backwoods Polesie. Route includes monuments of natural, architectural and ethnographic value. The route length of 170 km., Of which 10 km. It falls on the aqueous portion. It is designed for tourists from May to October with the use of motor vehicles. The minimum number of people for organizing your itinerary - 4. The tour passes through Lelchitsy land, rich in history and beautiful, unforgettable nature. Mound mogilnik.Nahoditsya 1 km north-east from MILOŠEVIĆ village (in the right of the road d.Borovoe) before the natural boundary "Rural Nyvka". Numbers 15-16 round sand mounds with a height of 0.6-1.2 and a diameter of 7-9 meters, wooded. Mound chain stretched along the road. Dated XI-XIIIvekami. With him is a legend about the arrival here of Princess Olga, which severely punished the inhabitants, many killed and buried in these mounds. Probably, the legend is associated with the famous campaign against Drevlyane Princess Olga and her revenge for the death of her husband Prince Igor. The century-old oak. Age of chereschatogo oak more than 200 years, the height of over 25 meters and a trunk diameter of more than 1 meter, has shirokoraskidistuyu (up to 35 meters in diameter) crown. Its branches resemble human arms outstretched as if he invites all under his protection. His "eyes" of a tree saw, and "aura" sensed the two-century history. River Ubort.Eto Slavic name was first mentioned in 1412. Probably this local place name type of landscape formed by the terms "cleanings", "device" - the area near the forests. There is also an explanation that long ago, the trees along the river hung-board hives and bees collect honey, which is then fetched owners hives, Bortnikov. Anyone who swam in the river and saw the hives, then called it "off the board", which was later transformed into the word "Ubort". During the route, you can travel the river on a boat with a guide and explore the flora and fauna, watch the changing landscape. Stone in urochishe "Stone Woman". Around the ancient pagan cult stone "rock girl" (Baba did not they call it) is always maintained order. From century to century, and now every year at Easter, the villagers try to get up early and bring their gifts to the stone idol. Asking him for help. Called Stone Woman Evkoy. She carried and pies, and money, and colored eggs. And dress up in new clothes Woman: give clothing, jewelry. A decoration old removed and burned. Pose next to a candle, put the money and ask her to fulfill their desires. They argue that good dream girl stone necessarily performed. Hunter's house. Here in the exotic surroundings, visitors can sample local cuisine and relax. Stone crosses and a stove near d.Dzerzhinsk (Radilovichi). Cross - one of the oldest sacred signs in the world mythoephic and religious systems, the main symbol of Christianity. Roadside, memorable, bowed, votive crosses have the status of local shrines. In ancient times the village belonged to the Pan Radilovichi Glinsky later Ostrog. Local legend has it that in the tract "swamped" was another village, residents who wanted to adopt another religion (Catholic or Uniate). However, the local feudal ruler, did not want to agree with it, I burned the village and residents resettled. In memory of that since ancient times, and the stone cross stood. Another legend about the cross says that on the road met two weddings. They did not want to give each other the way. Fight broke out, and one hand killed the groom, Holy Protection Church in the village. Pribolovichi. It is a monument of wooden architecture of the end XVIIIveka. It was built in 1797 as the Uniate Church of the Intercession of the Virgin. On the 30th of the XIX century is the Orthodox Church. Wooden architecture for many centuries was the main type of architectural creation of the Belarusian people. Endless forests have played a huge role in poleshukov life. Wood from the people who lived in the forest areas, was of great importance for the development of material culture and art. During the Great Patriotic War, the entire village was burned, but the church remained. Next to the church is a cross with solar symbolism. The cross was found in the tract "reign" and moved to the church refers to the pagan cult stones. Granite quarry "Peasant Niva" and "Hope" .Here crystalline rocks come to the surface of the earth, and their production is done open way. Field reconnaissance was conducted in 1974-1975godah. Mining and processing diorite, granodiorite, granite and greysogranity. Stocks career "Krestyanskaya field" are about 350 Mill. Migmatite cubic rock. At the same time there is the possibility of growth in the area of ​​216 hectares and 130 meters in depth, and this - the billions in reserves. Granite is removed so-called staggered - 10-meter layers. The road winds its way to the bottom of the quarry serpentine on the ledges, which in the pool "Peasants Niva" six. The "Hope" career earlier the extraction of granite slabs. Open pit mined banded, preferably gray, migmality suitable for cladding purposes. A distinctive feature of this granite - extraordinary hardness. Glushkevichsky granite is generally one of the most solid in the world, and therefore expensive. Currently, the mine flooded. For visitors it is of interest as a natural monument, which is known locally as the "Belarusian Karelia." Central arboretum GLHU "Miloshevichsky Forestry". Laid arboretum July 3, 2009. There are 65 tree species. FME "Miloshevichsky Forestry". 247847, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Lelchitsa, a.g.Miloshevichi, Sovetskaya str., 2 Phone: + 375-2356-43572 Fax: + 375-2356-43640.

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