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OJSC Slutsk Acetic Plant is one of the largest producers of vinegar in Belarus.

OJSC Slutsk Acetic Plant is one of the largest producers of vinegar in Belarus. Since 1875, the enterprise has been conducting its history from a distillery built by a landowner for the production of alcohol. In 1959, the Slutsk distillery was reconstructed for the production of food vinegar and converted into a canning vinegar plant. In 2004, the company was incorporated with the participation of the Russian LLC Reolika. The plant employs 70 people. The Slutsk Acetic Plant is one of the few producers of natural alcohol vinegar in Belarus that meets all sanitary and hygienic standards. Natural food alcohol vinegar is produced by a biochemical method, by aerobic oxidation of ethyl alcohol, carbohydrates with acetic acid bacteria, and sugar, apple juice and artesian water are used to produce it. Natural vinegar contains a small amount of organic matter, many vitamins, esters, amino acids, carboxylic acids, which give the vinegar its aroma and peculiar bouquet. It is the taste that helps cleanse the body, because it is recommended to include it in the diet.Vinegar is also used for making sauces, salads, pickles, for baking, preserving, in traditional medicine, for cosmetic purposes without harm, but only for your health.

OJSC “Slutsk Acetic Plant” Belarus, Minsk region, Slutsk district, v. Pokrashevo, st. Factory 1 Reception: +3751795 99-200, 92-633 Director: +3751795 92-632 Sales Department: +3751795 92-222, 92-333

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