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Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC


AUTOMATIC TITRATION BLOCK БАТ-15.2MП Experience, quality, reliability Is designed for potentiometric titration in set with рХ meter (ionomer) that has measurement range from 0 to +/- 20 рХ, from 0 to +/- 2000 mV and output voltage from 0 to 2 V. Advantages of the device - Compact size and low weight. - Compatible with all domestic and imported combined electrodes and рН- electrodes. - Ac power supply or 4-built-in batteries supply. - Easy and quick calibration. - Low cost in comparison with foreign analogues. - Availability of devices in field environments. Standard delivery set - Measuring converter 1 pc. - Universal stand ШУ-1 1 pc. - Automatic temperature compensator TKA-8M 1 pc. - Power supply unit 1 pc. - Combined рН-electrode ЭСКЛ-08М.1 1 pc. - Spare parts kit 1 kit - Operational documentation/Instruction manuals 1 copy By separate order are supplied - Magnetic stirrer. - Specialized measuring electrodes for рН measurement in dif-ferent mediums/environments and under certain conditions (ЭСЛ-43-07Ср or ЭСЛ-63-07Ср complete with auxiliary elec-trode ЭВЛ-1М3.1). Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment specializes in the production of potentiometer, potentiostat, polarographic,amperometric, analytical instruments and electrode systems to them and measuring technology for the measurement ofacid-base indicators of liquid media (hydrogen ion activity) and the activity of other ions, analysis of steels and alloys, carbonand sulfur, quantitative analysis of a wide range of substances.

Company: Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC Country/Region/City: Belarus / Belarus / Minsk Address: Gomel,. International, 49 ZIP/Postal code: 246001 Phone: +375232754846 Fax: +375232757269 Contact person: Natalia Sodoleva Web-site:

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