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Minsk Oblast dairy exports to Karaganda Oblast up 9 times in H1 2013


In the first half of 2013 Minsk Oblast increased its dairy exports to Karaganda Oblast nine times, the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee told BelTA commenting on the visit of the Minsk Oblast delegation led by Governor Boris Batura to Karaganda Oblast on 11-13 August.

In January-June Slutsk Creamery delivered $3.1 million worth of butter and other milk fats to this Kazakhstani region. As a result the exports of these commodities increased nine times from January-June 2012, the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee noted. Dairy products make the basis of the exports of the Belarusian region to Karaganda Oblast. Last year Minsk Oblast companies sold $2.6 million worth of dairy products to the oblast, up 2.6 times on the previous year.

Among other export items are BelAZ trucks. Minsk Oblast sold $7.2 million worth of these vehicles to the Kazakhstani oblast in H1 2013. It is up 63.7% from the same period a year ago.

In January-June Borisov Plant of Healthcare Products and Belecotekhnika (Pukhovichi District) exports $1.8 million worth of pharmaceutical products, up 13.7% on the first six months of 2012.

In January-June 2013 Minsk Oblast total trade with Karaganda Oblast made up $18.1 million (down 4% on the same time of 2012). Exports rose by 67.4% to $16 million. Imports totaled $2.1 million (down 22.5% from January-June 2012). Minsk Oblast posted trade surplus of $13.9 million. Minsk Oblast-Karaganda Oblast trade accounted for 22.8% of Minsk Oblast total trade with Kazakhstan in H1 2013.

In the first six months of 2013 Minsk Oblast imported Karaganda flat-rolled products from carbon steel worth $1.2 million (down 18.5% on January-June 2012). Minsk Oblast also bought Kazakhstan’s mill products from carbon steel, conveyer belts, power belts.

In 2012 Minsk Oblast trade with Karaganda Oblast totaled $32.1 million (121.5% to 2011). Exports made up $20.8 million (down 1.6%), imports - $11.3 million (up two times). Minsk Oblast trade surplus made up $9.5 million.

Emphasizing the importance of cooperation with Kazakhstan, the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee noted that the country holds a steady third place (behind the Russian Federation and Ukraine) in Minsk Oblast trade with the CIS. From 2001 to 2011 Minsk Oblast trade with Kazakhstan soared more than 20 times – from $7.6 million to $162 million. Exports grew 18.4 times (from $6.4 million to $117.9 million).

The bilateral cooperation on based on two agreements: an agreement on cooperation between Karaganda Oblast and Minsk Oblast signed in 1996 and an agreement on trade, economic, sci-tech and cultural cooperation between the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and the Akimat of Pavlodar Oblast, Kazakhstan, signed in 2009.

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