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Establishment Miloshevichi State Forestry

Forestry is implementing the following types of products and services: Sawing and timber shipping; Softwood lumber (plank); Sawn hardwood (board); Sawn softwood trees (board); Timber cut; Oak columns; Charcoal; Sawn preparations (Shtaket); Slab wood; Lumpy waste; Sawdust; Firewood; Standard planting - seedlings; Seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs; Christmas trees; chips; Number of barking; Natural honey; Birch juice.

Company:Establishment Miloshevichi State Forestry
Country/Region/City:Belarus / Belarus / Minsk
Address:Str. Sovetskaya 2, vill. Miloshevichi
ZIP/Postal code:247847
Phone:+375-2356) 43-540 M
Fax:(+3752356) 43-768
Contact person:Berus Vyacheslav .
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