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Polesskie Zhuraviny JSC

JSC "Polesskiye Zhuravin" engaged in harvesting bilberry. The nursery was laid for more than 50 species of bilberry. The most popular are "Bluecrop", "Bluetta", "HG", "Nortland", "Jersey", "Elizabeth", "Earliblue," "Duke," "The Patriot." The first plantation of bilberry high were imported from Poland in 1997 . Bilberry begins to fructify in the fourth year. Bilberry consume fresh, make a variety of fruit drinks, jelly, siropy. Berries are rich of fructose primarily. Bilberry are large, pleasant aroma and delicate flavor. Harvesting is done manually. Bilberry contain high amounts of substances used for humans. Fresh bilberry used to treat fever, scurvy, anemia, cystitis and diseases gastronomic route and many other diseases. Bilberry are also dried. As such, bilberry can be be preserved for up to two years. Republic of Belarus, 225732, Brest region, Pinsk district, vill. Selishche, Ph. / Fax: (+375 165) 65-83-52 Sales Department: (+375 165) 32-29-65 Production Department: (+375 165) 39-42-27 JSC "Polesskie Zhuraviny"

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