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Seedlings of tall blueberry
Seedlings of tall blueberry
Seedlings of tall blueberry
Specialists of "Polesskie Zhuraviny" JSC are fluent in the production of large-fruited blueberry technology. Specialists of "Polesie Zhuravin" JSC successfully cultivated tall blueberry. The company is established a nursery for growing seedlings of blueberry. Currently, blueberry plantation constitute of 80 ga. There are about 50 varieties of blueberry grow in the plant. The most common grade are «Bluecrop», «Nortland», «Elizabet», «Erliblue», «Duk», «Patriot», «Jersey», «Bluetta». Fruiting starts in the fourth year after planting in July and August, depending on variety. Collection blueberry harvest is done manually. Blueberry berries are a valuable source of a number of biologically active substances, among which particular importance purchase phenolic compounds, which are known, are produced only from plants. Phenolic compounds strengthen capillaries, and also able to delay ascorbic acid in the body. Fresh blueberry berries consumed at a fever, scurvy, anemia, cystitis, dry - in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, dysentery. Content of pectin, fiber and tannins allow blueberries perfectly clean the body of slags, toxins, heavy metals and radionuclides (strontium, cobalt). Blueberries growing on a small shrub that belongs to the family of heather. Blueberries grow only in the forest earlier, but now people have learned to grow it in the garden. Garden blueberries differs from the timber that its berries are larger and bushes higher than the forest. Garden blueberry - very delicate berry, so treat it should be especially careful in order not to mash. In addition to excellent taste, blueberry has many useful properties. Water in blueberry fruit is almost amount 90%. In addition to water, in blueberries a lot of sugar, organic acids, vitamins, fiber, pectin, tannins. Blueberry juice recognized as perhaps the most valuable on the content of vitamins and antioxidant properties worldwide. No other fruit or berry has so many useful properties. The juice of this berry is much better for the body than the pomegranate, apple or grape. Iron is contained in blueberries are not very many, but it is through this product is the trace element is almost completely absorbed by the human body. Regular consumption of blueberries berry able to normalize the function of the pancreas. This is an important step for people with diabetes. Precisely, blueberries enhances the therapeutic effect of drugs in the blood to lower the sugar level of patients. Extremely useful garden blueberries for those who have problems with vision and glaucoma. Regularly eating blueberries in food, you can gradually restore eyesight and relieve tension with the eye. Perhaps the main useful element of blueberry berries, magnesium, has a powerful sedative properties and is essential for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. The presence in blueberries vitamins K, P and PP can reduce the risk of developing varicose veins. Vitamin K also takes an active part in the process of blood clotting in the body. Therefore, blueberries shown before and after the surgery, after childbirth, abortions and injuries associated with large blood loss. Blueberries contain antioxidants, highly active, serving means of cancer prevention. In addition, the properties of blueberries are actively used in dietetics. The juice of blueberries absolutely helpful subject to any diet. In addition to maintaining the vitamin balance, berry really helps in the fight against excess weight. Blueberries promotes lipolysis in the body, so it can be included in any dietary intake. Calorie blueberries is only 37 calories per 100 grams of product. It is difficult to collect garden blueberries, and even more, wood blueberries to avoid damaging the fruit, not less work is its proper storage. If berries are damaged, you can squeeze or wipe the juice of sugar and store in a cool place. So the useful properties of blueberries in storage will not change. During the season you should try to eat as much fresh fruit as possible, precisely during the period of full maturity in vitamins and other beneficial trace elements as much as possible. In winter and summer, you can squeeze out of the blueberry juice, prepare desserts, compotes and jellies. From the leaves of a blueberry turns fragrant and healthy tea. Republic of Belarus, 225732, Brest region, Pinsk district, vill. Selishche, Ph. / Fax: (+375 165) 65-83-52 Sales Department: (+375 165) 32-29-65 Production Department: (+375 165) 39-42-27 JSC "Polesskie Zhuraviny"

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