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Cranberries berries
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The foundation nursery was laid for more then 50 kinds of blueberries. The most popular are “Bluecrop”, “Bluetta”, “Herbert”, “Nortland”, “Jersey”, “Elizabet”, “Erliblue”, “Duk”, “Patriot”.
Specialists of "Polesskie Zhuraviny" JSC are fluent in the production of large-fruited cranberry technology. Cranberry’s plantation is constitute of 84 hectares and constantly expands. Cranberries berries contain citric, benzoic, Quinic and ursolic acid, vitamin C, sugars and other compounds useful to humans and therefore has long been used for therapeutic purposes. As part of the cranberry was found extremely high content of pectin, which are able to bind and rid the body of radionuclides and heavy metals, and the use of the properties of berries is very promising. Included in the fruits Vaccinium macrocarpon flavonoids (kvertitsin et al.) have antioxidant activity and may be used in combination therapy, anti-inflammatory and antisclerotic. Benzoic acid in cranberries, gives it a bactericidal activity. Cranberries use for rheumatism and hypertension. Available refrigeration complex for berries freezing, then the berries are mechanically cleaned, then the berries are packed in kraft bags of 25 kg. Belgian low temperature complex was introduced in 2000 year, which has three freezer to preserve fruits about 500 tons at once. Cranberry belongs to the heath family plants, in fact it is a low creeping evergreen shrub that grows in swampy areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Cranberries all species in nature grows in damp places, namely, on the upland and transitional bogs, marshy shores of lakes, in damp sphagnum pine forests. And, despite the fact that cranberry is light-requiring very much, it is not demanding on the soil composition. Wild fruits of cranberry are red, spherical or slightly elongated in diameter from 8 to 12 mm, sour taste. Some specially bred varieties of berries reaches a diameter of 2 cm. Cranberry blooms in June and collect berries from September throughout the autumn. Cultural cranberries ripen for a couple of weeks before the wild. Cranberry fruits can easily survive until spring. Collect it begin no later than the second half of September. Those berries that survived the winter, the spring are soft and take on a sweet taste. The overwintered cranberry have less vitamins than fresh, but that it is considered a kind of delicacy. From the standpoint of practical use cranberries, are especially prized due to the high content of vitamins, organic acids, sugars and pectins. To sugar, which is rich in cranberries, mainly include glucose and fructose, much less in these berries sucrose. From the polysaccharides is most important for human health are pectin contained in cranberries. With such a rich composition of nutrients, calorie cranberry is only 28 kcal. Due to the high content of potassium and vitamin C, cranberries are very useful for maintaining the body during infections and colds, especially in autumn and winter. A research by researchers all over the world showed a positive effect of cranberry on the state of health at a women's disease, as cystitis. Specialists proved that 1.5 cups of a cranberry juice a day reduces the risk of exacerbation of the disease in half. This healing effect of cranberries in it due to the content of proanthocyanidins and benzoic acid. Cranberry is considered as a natural antibiotic because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, scientists have found that substances contained in the juice of cranberries, changing the composition of urine, do not allow it to develop in pathogenic bacteria. Cranberries in any form it promotes secretion of gastric juice. Cranberries improve appetite, help to digest food, and normalize the digestive tract. These berries are an excellent prevention of kidney stones. Cranberries are very well kept thanks to the fact that in its present composition of benzoic acid - a natural preservative. If it put in the freezer with a function fast freeze, the cranberries will be able to retain most of their nutrients, which are especially in demand during the cold season. However, it is important to important to consider that after the serving of cranberry thawed it must be on the same day be eaten, since thawed berries very quickly loses its healthy stock. From cranberries can cook excellent jelly, jam, jam and marmalade. Like any other berry, cranberry is used to make fruit drinks, juices, kvass, liqueurs and for decorating dishes. Republic of Belarus, 225732, Brest region, Pinsk district, vill. Selishche, Ph. / Fax: (+375 165) 65-83-52 Sales Department: (+375 165) 32-29-65 Production Department: (+375 165) 39-42-27 JSC "Polesskie Zhuraviny"

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