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UE Vitebskoblgas PD Vitebsktorf

Buy baled riding peat
Buy baled riding peat

Buy baled riding peat


Buy baled riding peat

The use of high-moor peat, produced at our enterprise, provides plants with protection from parasites and pathogenic microorganisms, constant feeding due to the nutrients contained in peat, maintaining optimal soil acidity, and good aeration of the roots. All this helps to increase the yield of cultivated crops

The volume of peat in the package: 4 - 6 cubic meters, weight 1 - 1.3 tons.

Degree of decomposition: up to 20%;

Ash content: up to 10%;

Humidity: up to 53%;

Acidity: pH from 2.5-3.5 to 5.5-6.5;


Commercial Offer

UE «Vitebskoblgas» PD «Vitebsktorf»


         Unitary Enterprise «Vitebskoblgas» is a compound, branched and technically well-equipped company. Our enterprise was reorganized in 2007, three peat-exctracting plants situated in Dokshytsy, Chashniki and Shumilino areas of Vitebsk region, The Republic of Belarus, were incorporated in the enterprise, as parts of PD «Vitebsktorf».

           In 2011 a new plant for the production of nutritive peat substrates and high-moor peat was put into operation. The plant is equipped with modern high-tech machines produced by Premier Tech, Kruviks, Ehcolo, Warnking companies.

At present at PD «Vitebsktorf» such products as packed high-moor peat, substrates, sod peat, composted peat are produced.

1. High-moor peat packed in Big Bales (is used as the basis for the production of nutritive substrates or as soil structure improvement):

Degree of decomposition upto 20%, ash content upto 10%, moisture content upto 53%, acidity pH 2,5-7,0; fractions: 0-7, 7-15, 0-15, 15-30, 0-30; radioactivity within the applied limits, wood inclusions upto 1%, organic value not less than 95%, HS code 2703000000. Packing: poly bags 100l, 250l; Big Bale - 5,0-6,0 cbm on a pallet, wound by stretch wrap.

2. Peat substrates. Today PD «Vitebsktorf» is the leader in the Republic in production and sales of peat substrates of «Dvina» trademark, releasing more than 60 types of substrates of four series: «Universal», «Garden», «Yard», «Flowers» for growing seedlings of vegetables, flowers, trees and bushes, lawns and also for soil structure improvement. For production of peat substrates the following components are used: fertilizers Pgmix, Fertika, crushed wood bark, grained clay, sand, perlite, keramzit and other.

           3. Sod peat (is used for heating homes and noon-residential premises):

Heat of combustion (calorie content) 3000-3400 ccal/kg, moisture content upto 45%, ash content upto 5%, amount of small pieces of wood (less than 25mm) upto 23%.

           Output products are high-quality and nonpolluting, correspond to international and European norms. High level of manufacture organization of PD «Vitebsktorf» is confirmed by certificate of quality management system ISO:9001:2015.

           Our enterprise offers flexible terms of cooperation with individual attention to each buyer. Production can be shipped by railway, containers and by road. We can render logistics services on the goods delivery. Shipment can be made on the terms of FCA, DAF, DAP and other delivery conditions at the request of our partners. Customs goods registration is made at the expense of the enterprise. Production release according to buyer’s recipe is possible. Performance time of orders – 5-14 days.

           Production of our company is exported more than to 20 countries: Russian Federation, EU countries, Turkey,  Kazakhstan.

           For more information please contact us:

Head of marketing and foreign affairs department – Kolmogortsev Leonid

tel: +375-(0)212-49-36-42, skype: torf_1

Legal address: UE «Vitebskoblgas», Pravdy Str. 36, 210029 Vitebsk, The Republic of Belarus, UNP: 300002084

Web site:







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