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This standard applies to inserts-blanks of sintered hard alloys for the manufacture of tools intended for upsetting fasteners rod and nuts.

The main feature of sintered hard alloys is that their products receive by powder metallurgy and they are only amenable to processing by grinding or physico-chemical treatment methods (laser, ultrasound, pickling in acid, etc), and cast solid alloy designed for surfacing equip the tool and are not only mechanical, but often heat treatment (quenching, annealing, aging, etc.).

Powder hard alloys fixed on a tool equipped with the methods of soldering or mechanical fastening.

Properties of hard alloys

Plates of solid alloy has a hardness of 86-92 HRA, high wear resistance Krasnoselskiy (1000-1100С), which allows the processing with cutting speeds up to 800 m/min.

Obtaining of hard alloys by powder metallurgy

The production of powders of carbides and cobalt recovery method from oxides.

Often they are based on the carbides of tungsten or titanium, complex carbides of tungsten and titanium (often and tantalum), titanium carbonitride, at least — other carbides, borides, etc. as a matrix for the retention of grains of hard material in the product use the so-called "bunch" of metal or alloy. Typically, the "ligament" use of cobalt (cobalt is a neutral element with respect to carbon, it does not form carbides and do not destroy the carbides of the other elements), less Nickel, its alloy with molybdenum (Nickel-molybdenum bond).

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