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Charcoal lump charcoal —high-carbon product formed during pyrolysis of wood. Produce a grade coal In wood of birch, aspen, pine. Packing: 4-ply paper bags of 3 kg.



Buy charcoal


Applications of charcoal — cooking in the grills, barbecues, barbecue area, barbecue, etc.; — furnace stoves and fireplaces; — as fuel for railway wagons, construction of huts; — manufacture of non-ferrous metals, glass, crystal. The most widespread charcoal was as a fuel for domestic use, it was used for cooking on the grill, grills, barbecue.

Charcoal is one of the most environmentally friendly of the varieties of solid fuel, and meets the highest requirements in contrast to the other species. It is possible to allocate following advantages of charcoal:

high quality fuel, clean and safe;
when burning coal creates large amounts of smoke and flame, while ensuring the required temperature;
high heat – 31000кДж/kg;
the lack of harmful substances;
the impossibility of spontaneous combustion.

In industry, coal plays the role of reducing agent. Thanks to its unique composition, its use directly in the industry has its beginning in the twentieth century. In Brazil, for example, with the help of charcoal to produce iron. In the production of plastic charcoal replaces the expensive granite. Here the coal used as a filler in plastics.

Back in the stone age people were mining coal. Coal used in agriculture and for cooking. Every year methods of production and coal production improved. In the late twentieth century created industrial technology..

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