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Novitskih Farm enterprise

Potatoes, washed (red, white) Packed in mesh 25 kg (knitted mesh with a jotted tape on upper edge)
Caliber 45/55, 55/65, 65/75, 75 mm +
CARROTS WASHED calibre 20-35mm
Parsley root
Fresh parsnips washed
The root of the parsnip looks like a carrot, but unlike her is white.
It is different sweet, slightly spicy taste and pleasant lasting fragrance, in that it can be compared with shelterees.
Parsley is a vegetable ispolzuetsya spicy seasoning to soups and sauces, and for cooking side dishes and salads. Looks like parsnips.
We are manufacturers, prices without intermediaries.
We grow more than 40 000 TONS per year –open all year round!
Own vegetable by 25 000 tonnes.
A private line for washing and packing vegetables.
Packaged in a packaging according to buyer's request!
Our fleet of 35 cars, with capacity over 20 tons.
You don't need to look for transport!

Call +375-33-323-04-07
Find out the price and delivery date.
Will receive the goods You have in stock.

Company:Novitskih Farm enterprise
Country/Region/City:Belarus / Belarus / Minsk
Address:Brest region, Luninets Bazhenova str., 6A
ZIP/Postal code:225644
Contact person:Borichevskaya Alesya Vasil'evna
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