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Harvester АMKODOR 2531

Harvester АMKODOR 2531




Harvester АMKODOR 2531 – small size machine designed for felling trees, tree packaging and assortments bunching as well as for other technological operations (intermediate felling).

Series overview

Today logging process is divided into two main technics: cut-to-length (Scandinavian) and whiplash (Canadian). That is why JSC Amkodor – holding managing company has machines in its products range for both technics.

CTL technology is based on the usage of harvester and forwarder.  Harvesters are used for tree felling, branch cutting and block cutting. Forwarders are used for gathering, substocking and delivery of grading to warehouses or wood-transport road.

In order to raise mature forest it is necessary to do regular improvement cutting (admitting light, cleaning, thinning, accretion cutting, sanitary felling). Amkodor holding manufaxtures logging machines for improvement cutting:

- harvester AMKODOR 2531 together with forwarder AMKODOR 2631;

- harvester AMKODOR 2541 together with forwarder AMKODOR 2641 or AMKODOR 2661-01.

For clear felling (final felling) are offered powerful logging machines:

- harvester AMKODOR 2551 together with forwarder AMKODOR 2661-01,AMKODOR 2662, AMKODOR 2662-01 or AMKODOR 2682-01.

Whiplash technic is based on skidder use. Amkodor holding offers the next models:

- skidder AMKODOR 2243 equipped with crane and bracket;

- skidder AMKODOR 2243B (choker) and also skidder AMKODOR 2242B (choker).

These machines perform gathering and delivery of tree-length material from cutting point to intermediate storage area or charging area.

Chip flaker AMKODOR 2904 is used for chopping of round timber, cutting and clearing waste and low-quality raw wood for the following use as a fuel.

Log loader AMKODOR 352L and wheel loader AMKODOR 371AC equipped with clamp are used for loading of round wood to vehicle, sticking , log trucks unloading and unstacking. Machines are equipped with special buckets for loading of chips and cuttings. 

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