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Smorgon plant of bread production Unitary production enterprise

Instant wheat flakes
Instant wheat flakes


Instant wheat flakes are made from wheat grains by high-temperature treatment and rolling.




100 g of product contains (average value)


fat - 2 g

carbohydrates – 66 g

Energy value per 100 g of product-

330 kcal/1400kj

Weight500 g

Free GMO


Cooking instructions:

per serving based (g):

flakes – 100,0

water – 150,0

milk – 150,0

To dilute milk with water, to add salt, to bring to the boil, to drown the flakes, to mix and leave for swelling for 5 minutes. To add sugar, butter to taste.


Bon appetite!


Store in the dry, pure, well-ventilated, not infected with grain pests warehouses, with observance of sanitary regulations and requirements for storage of grain products, at temperature not above than 25 0С and relative humidity no more than 75%.

Production quality assurance – compliance of production to the requirements of the national standard of the Republic of Belarus

STB ISO 9001-2009


Cooking for 5 minutes

Healthy food every day


TU RB  600024008.097-2003


Director Kuzmianok Maksim Petrovich
Reception: +375 1592 3-98-01, fax: 3-98-00

Chief accountant Baranova Leokadia Eugenievna +375 1592 3-98-05
Accounting department +375 1592 3-98-24

Chif ecomomist Kaliatieva Zhanna Anatolievna +375 1592 3-98-07

Chief engineer Suslov Alieksandr Petrovich +375 1592 3-98-02

Head of sales and marketing department Zhabinskaia Nina Borisovna +375 1592 3-98-10 fax
Sales department +375 1592 3-86-45 fax, +375 1592 3-98-13, +375 1592 3-98-14
Marketing department +375 1592 3-98-13

Head of production Strahkevich Oksana Eduardovna +375 1592 3-98-03

Head of laboratory Brel Oliesia Viktorovna +375 1592 3-98-16

Human Resour
сes department +375 1592 3-98-04

Trade department +375 1592 3-98-18

Unitary production enterprise
"Smorgon plant of bread production"
Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Smorgon, 20 Komsomolski lane
R/c 3012007630111 at the branch 423
"Belarusbank", Smorgon, 3B Sovetskaia street
OKPO29183278, UNN 590336480, MFO 152101504


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